Saturday, November 22, 2008

Electricity - NOT!!!

So we spent the night at the inlaws house because we had no electricity at the apartment. When we were getting ready to move to Huntsville we had found an apartment and put the application in and where told no problems we would have an apartment when we got there. They told me when we signed our paperwork they would send a form to the electric provider and the electric would be put in our name and that would be that. Well that complex ended up not having any apartments available so they moved us to another complex that is owned by the same company. Well we moved in and never gave the electric a second thought. Well yesterday about 10 am the electric was cut off. I went to the office and they told me we don't deal with the electric company!! I told them what the other complex told me and they verified that information (to keep us from having a fine) and told me they don't know why we weren't told that we needed to get the electric in our name since we were at a different complex. So I called the electric and they didn't want to cut it on until Tuesday!! I convinced them to do it ASAP and they cut it back on yesterday afternoon. The only problem is that the office had cut it off at the main breaker. We called this morning and the maintenance man is driving in to cut it back on for us! At least we got our laundry done!

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